I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for a while but have felt a little lost and directionless. I’ve gone back to basics and had a think of the sort of posts I enjoy reading, so I’m going to try something new and do a little recap every month for you.

As I sat down and began to write this, I couldn’t quite believe how much I’d done in May, so fingers crossed June is as good!


  • Not quite May but I finally ticked another one off my list and rode on the track at the Olympic Velodrome (and even better I surprised my dad with a lesson too)
  • Mum, Dad, Lizzie and Jess(!) came to visit in me in London for the weekend, with the Tube being an interesting experience…
  • Saw ‘The Girls’ and sobbed my heart out – never been prouder to be a Yorkshire girl and a member of the WI
  • Enjoyed a super interesting and educational night out with a friend at the amazing Crick Lates event at The Francis Crick Institute 
  • Great evening of wine tasting at the WI, especially considering I don’t even like wine! Made even better by getting our ‘Cheers Simon, Cheers Tim’ on Sunday Brunch!
  • Being able to celebrate my wonderful friend, Isobel’s wedding, in gorgeous Grassington
  • Spent a lovely Sunday catching up with committee members, old and new from my original WI, Spa Sweethearts
  • Saw one of my favourite musical theatre actresses, Carrie Hope Fletcher, knock it out of the park as Wednesday in ‘The Adams Family’ musical
  • Danced the night away with my sister at my favourite boys, That That’s latest (fabulous!) tour
  • Finally had my hair cut and coloured after almost 5 months – felt like a new woman!
  • Had a lovely dinner at local meatball restaurant, Belpassi Bros with my mate, Sarah
  • Not only found out that I’d been nominated for an award at work but actually won!
  • Caught up with my mum’s cousin who visited from Canada
  • Had a cheeky weekend away at the seaside with the family in Whitby, I’ve never eaten so much Fish and Chips!
  • Did some public speaking at work (not one of my favourite things) and didn’t feel like I was going to pass out, a win in my book!

Hope you liked the new style, I love to hear what you think in the comments!


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