30 things that have happened since I moved to London

I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long now, however my ‘new’ London life seemed to keep getting in the way, which is quite apt considering that its about everything that I’ve done since I moved!

6 months ago (well 31 weeks ago to be precise but who’s counting?!) I made the mahoosive move to that there London and my feet haven’t really touched the ground since!
When anyone asks what I’ve been up too, my usual response is ‘I’ve been busy’, but what does that even mean anymore? So I decided to go back through the old calendar (and piccies) and work out exactly what I’ve been up to and document it all in the form of a list, because who doesn’t love one of them!

So here is it, the 30 things that have happened since I moved to London list (catchy titles have never been my thing!)


  1. Started my new job!
  2. Found and moved in to my flat
  3. Volunteered at Ride London
  4. ‘Survived’ my 1st tube strike
  5. Ate my first street food (doesn’t sound that important but was definetly a milestone for me!)
  6. Saw Florence (as in The Machine), Gorden Ramsay,Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, Tom Fletcher, Geraint Thomas, George (from the Jungle and Union J) and  Carrie Hope Fletcher (not a bad celeb list for 6 months!)
  7. Had our very own private screening of ‘Gladiator’
  8. Turned 27 in the very best way possible with Warbest 2015
  9. Saw Take That, Mr Jay Bay, Rudimental, Anne Marie and little known band called One Direction
  10. Ran my first major event at work and managed to walk 16km in the process!
  11. Attended, judged and even performed at(!) the Spa Sweethearts WI Centenary Fair
  12. Visited Parliament on WI Day to celebrate the WI’s centenary
  13. Attended my first ever Hen Do and friends wedding!
  14. Went to Cornwall (so beautiful!)
  15. Saw Les Miserables for the first time on stage, at not just any old performance but the 30th Anniversary Gala Performance, no less! (I know, what took me so long?! And I’m now even more of an addict that before!) And then watched it again on a super special cast change day and balled my eyes out even more!
  16. Got back on a bike! – Trotty watch your back!
  17. Had brekkie with one helluva view at Duck and Waffle
  18. Multiple weekends away with friends with too many bottles of prosecco and giggles to keep count of
  19. Visited BAFTA HQ (twice!)
  20. Saw Imelda Staunton kill it in Gypsy
  21. Ran my second major event at work
  22. Volunteered at a load of super snazzi work events, with a whole heap of celebs!
  23. Travelled more miles on trains than I care to remember!
  24. Started selling my Chrimbo deccies and people surpisingly bought them!
  25. Got a stomach virus (I didn’t say that everything that happened was good!)
  26. Saw Cav and Laura Trott ride at the Manchester Velodrome
  27. Passed my probation at work!
  28. Moved flat again! (Super stressful but now super happy)
  29. Went skiing with the fam
  30. And last but certainly not least, started MIYLILBlog!

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