The List

So this has been a LONG time coming but The List is finally complete! It’s taken a lot longer than expected to pull together (unfortunately life got in the way!) and so I’ve set myself a challenge of completed this in just over 28 weeks, easy right?….. Well who knows but I’m going to certainly give it a damn good try!

So here it is, the 28 before 28 list! A massive thank you to everyone who has suggested things for the list, you’ve certainly made it fun!

  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Party on a rooftop under the stars
  3. Go on a date with a stranger
  4. Get my fortune read
  5. Take a cookery course
  6. Upcycle a piece of furniture
  7. Ride on the track at the Olympic velodrome
  8. Try out a new hairstyle or make up look
  9. Disconnect for a weekend (no internet, phone, tv, nothing!)
  10. Give someone a homemade present
  11. Visit a country or continent I’ve never been to before
  12. Go to a blind restaurant
  13. Make an outfit or larger item of clothing – not just a scarf!
  14. Watch tennis at Wimbledon on Henman Hill
  15. Start writing letters – old school style!
  16. Do the (forward) splits
  17. Give blood
  18. Set up a WI!
  19. Watch a sunrise (on a beach if possible!)
  20. Learn 28 new recipes – 14 savoury, 14 sweet
  21. Go night kayaking
  22. Learn to crochet
  23. Do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  24. Host a dinner party and make a dish I have newly mastered
  25. Go skinny dipping (Can’t quite believe I’ve kept this on here!)
  26. Give a different person a (really meant) compliment each day for 28 days
  27. Start vlogging!
  28. Blog about this!

I hope you like it and come along for the ride. Fingers crossed I can complete it before 30th August 2016!


9 thoughts on “The List

  1. Lisbeth says:

    Love this Becky!! I’m going to do one!! I learnt to crochet recently and am making a giant blanket, I’ll find you the YouTube videos I used xx love Lisbeth (hoop)


    1. Me says:

      Oh Lisbeth, I love how you add (hoop) to the end like I wouldn’t remember you, we went through too much pain together to forget! 😉 The videos would be amazing, thank you, I think a blanket might be the first project with that one 🙂 xx


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