I need your help!

As I turned 27 last weekend, I was struck by the fact that every year, when my birthday rolls around, I think ‘where has the last year gone and what have I got to show for it?’ (I’m not saying I don’t do anything, it’s just difficult to remember it all!)

So this year I have decided to do something about this and set myself a challenge – 28 before 28. I’m going to create a list of 28 things, that I want to have done, experienced or achieved by the time I turn 28, in 358 days time.
However that’s easier said than done and so I need some help to come with the all important 28 and then I will document ticking them off, on here. So if you’ve got an idea for something, comment, message or tweet me and then I’ll decide on the best and get cracking!


9 thoughts on “I need your help!

  1. Adam Chaffer says:

    Okay so my two ideas are (i) run either the Venice 10K race with me in October 2016, and if you beat my time you get a bonus prize! (ii) start writing letters – old school style!

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  2. Rachel Inwood says:

    Visit a country or continent you’ve never been to before.

    Go to a blind restaurant

    Make an outfit or larger item of clothing – not just a scarf

    Organise an event which is out of your comfort zone – no idea what that would be though seeing as you are awesome at that!


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  3. Lydia says:

    I love this type of thing! My ideas are:

    *Take a cookery course (or watch some cookery demonstrations) and master a new dish!
    *Host a dinner party and make the dish you have newly mastered
    *Upcycle a piece of furniture
    *Try out a new hairstyle or make up look
    * Give someone a homemade present (for a birthday or Christmas)

    Can’t wait to see the final list and see more about how this goes!

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  4. Hannah Horne says:

    Ok I’ll kick things off..

    -Go on a road trip (happy to be the driver!)
    -Party on a rooftop under the stars
    -Disconnect for a weekend (no internet, phone, tv, nothing!)
    -Go on a date with a stranger
    -Get your fortune read

    How many vetos are you having?? Xxx

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