(Apologies in advance, this is a bit of a long one, so grab a brew and enjoy!)

This year my birthday celebrations sort of started on the Wednesday before my birthday, when I was presented with a lovely bag of goodies and some cake, from my new work pals, as well as being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ too in the middle of our very large, open plan office, embarrassed much! With some many people working there, it feels like it’s someone birthday every other day, so it was quite strange that they were now singing for me!

I then travelled home on the Thursday morning for the epic and very long awaited (15 years in fact!) night at the cinema for Mummy Warbs.
Friday was spent shopping in York with some of the family, where I bought Topshop out of camisoles as I couldn’t decide which one went with my new birthday skirt and tried out more dark lipsticks for my sister, than I could shake a stick at (safe to say that a dark red, almost black lipstick does not exist!)
However this was all just the starter for what was the main event on Saturday afternoon, Warbfest 2015!
When I left for London, my mum gave me the choice of a leaving party or a birthday/ leaving party and with limited time between deciding to leave and actually leaving for London, I went for the latter.
It was to be the usual Warburton family affair, with the world and his wife invited, my dad doing his thing on his precious BBQ (seriously, he loves it so much that we tied a ribbon on it and had an official ‘opening’ for it, when he first got it!), Mummy Warbs cooking up a storm and Lillibet (my sister) getting stressed about my birthday cake!
Now I feel that before I go any further, I should make two confessions. Firstly up until this point, I’d had felt a bit strange being back at home for the first time since I’d moved, like it wasn’t quite home anymore, further acceuntatied by the fact that my family kept teasing me saying ‘You don’t live here anymore!’ (True I know but still cuts deep!). However the afternoons events certainly made me feel better, so much so, and second confession coming up, that I totally forgot to take photos of the festivities as I had such a good time! So some of the following pics are ‘borrowed’ from some very kind people, with their permission, so that you can see a little bit of what happened.

The afternoon was wonderful and far too much happened to write about it all so instead, I’ll give you my best bits:
Ridiculous amounts of prosecco

I’m pretty partial to the sparkly stuff and apparently this is quite a well known fact as nearly every person who arrived had a bottle of it in their hand! It was all very much appreciated!

My awesome Birthday cake!

My little sister is some what of a demon in the baking department and this occasion was no different. She started planning it on Pinterest weeks ago and I knew that something special was happening as I was refused access to the kitchen on numerous occasions (I got shouted at every time I came remotely close) and she was getting most stressed with what I later found out was quite a crucial element (apparently raspberries don’t stick on to the side of a cake, who knew?!) However she had nothing to worry about as what she made me was the most beautiful chocolate cake that I could of wished for and one that even Paul Hollywood couldn’t of found fault with!

(Photo courtesy of Lillibet)

Why Warbfest is named Warbfest

Warbfest got its name after my 25th birthday party, which was a very similar, garden party type affair, however it was the first time that my cousin Jack had done a proper mini gig in the garden for everyone, with his mic and candles and everything and so one of my friends nicknamed it Warbfest and it just stuck. He was incredible and it was so special, that I asked him to ‘headline’ again for me this year and he kindly agreed to.

Now my friend Isobel jokes that I have a very particular style of music that I like, which she refers to ‘my middle class white boys with guitars’ and if this is in fact the case, Jack is up at the top of the list as one of my favourites and I love hearing him sing whenever I can.

He did the most amazing set (his voice gets better every time I hear him), picking lots of songs that he knew I loved and he even got me up to sing with him, which in recent years has become a rare occurrence for me, but with him it’s just lovely (Mummy Warbs was in tears) and I’ll be his support act anytime he asks.

(Photo courtesy of my friend, Mr Dave Wright)

Seeing so many friends and family

My final highlight was getting to see so many family and friends and spend some time with them. Having not really seen any of them for about 6 weeks, it was lovely to just catch up and answer what became the stock three questions: How’s London? How’s the job? How’s the flat? – the answer to them all? Amazing!
After the fabulousness of Warbfest, my actual birthday was seen in an equally marvellous way (well in my books anyway). I woke up on a camp bed in our living room, with my cousins sleeping on the sofas (the true sign of a full house!) and then once we’d said good bye to the family, I spent the day on the sofa, with my mum watching Casualty and crappy TV before having one of my favourite teas, Chicken a la creme, drinking more prosecco and watching more Casualty (I told you it’s my guilty pleasure!)
All in all, it was a pretty perfect way to see in my 28th year 🙂


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