Gladiator has been one of my mums favourite films since forever, well at least since 1999 when it came out! It’s the first film that she got up in the middle of the night for, so that she could watch The Oscars (and started our tradition of getting up to watch it live) and she screamed so loud when Russell Crowe won, that she woke me up. However one of her biggest regrets in life is that she’s never seen it on the big screen.

Then a couple of months ago when we went to a charity ball ran by one of our WI friends, there was an auction prize of your own cinema for a private screening at an Everyman Cinema and it seemed like too good an opportunity, so Papa Rick let my mum bid and she won!
So when last Thursday rolled around, to say everyone was a bit excited was an understatement (I’d been getting messages off my family and friends for days beforehand!) Now Everyman cinemas are known for being luxurious and very much an experience and when we walked in to Screen 5 1/2, it certainly didn’t let us down.

We entered to from the lovely balcony to our own bar, where we very quickly got on the prosecco (hey, this doesn’t happen every day and she had waited 15 years for it!) before then having to decide where we would sit.

Now you would think that in a cinema that only seats 35, this would be quite easy but you would be wrong! I spent a good 5 minutes running between the back row and the front row, trying to decide between potentially causing myself a neck injury (front row) or having to sit just that bit too far off the centre (back row). In the end the decision was taken out of my hands (I was apparently taking too long, however I just felt it was too important a decision to rush) and my friends, Isobel and Christopher, decided for me and sat me on the front row, on a sofa curled up with one of my other friends, Hannah. They definitely made the right choice and we ended up with an epic view, at times it was like you were in the bloody (no pun intended!) coliseum!

After a bit of persuading Mummy Warbs made a little speech to thank you everyone for coming and to explain why we were watching a film which was older than come members of the audience, and with that, the credits started to roll.

I’m not usually one for blood and gore (expect for when I’m watching Casualty – serious guilty pleasure!) but even I couldn’t fail to get drawn in, to what really is quite a classic.

My highlight of the evening (apart from my dad routinely topping up my glass mid film!) was when it got close to the infamous ‘My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius…’ moment and not only did my mum shout out to everyone ‘This is the big moment everyone!’ (as if most people didn’t already know!) but then after Russell uttered the immortal words, me, Isobel and my mum, threw our arms in the air and cheered! Thank goodness we were ‘alone’!

Once the film finished (and I’d stopped crying – I’m a major weeper), there was just enough time to take the obligatory selfie with mum before we headed off home.


I think the only disappointment for my mum was that Russell wasn’t there himself, apart from that it was worth the wait and a fab way to start my birthday weekend.



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