Covent Garden has always been one of my favourite places to visit whenever I was in London (it is now only rivalled by the Olympic Park for the top spot!) and more recently I’ve discovered Seven Dials, which I also love, so when I was walking through the dials on the day of the tube strike and spotted they were holding a festival, I knew that I needed to go.

Now it just so happened that loads of my friends were busy and so a couple of Saturday’s ago, I got up, popped a berry lip on and headed off in the sunshine in search some fun in the dials, on my own.
The dials had been decorated with metres and metres of bunting, so you knew you were close to the action.

Then when you arrived in the middle, there was fake grass and deck chairs! It was lovely and so I grabbed a space, with just enough time to get comfy before the act started up who I had been most excited about.

Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, has been winning awards on Broadway and the West End for the last couple of years and so I was really excited to see the cast perform a couple of numbers from the show and they didn’t disappoint. The old school hits in the show like On Broadway and You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, sounded amazing but the real highlight was Katie Brayben, singing the title song, Beautiful, which was just superb, so much so that I had it on repeat for the rest of the afternoon!

From here I then went on to grab some food from Earlham Street, which they had turned in to a bit of a street food market. Now, I know that I am a bit strange in the fact that I’m not a big street food fan, I never know what to pick and get stressed with the options and not quite knowing what you may get! However I decided that I needed to be big and brave and just try something and I’m very glad I did!

(My favourite Crosstown Doughnuts with their amazing van!)

I went for a spicy Chicken burger with Asian style coleslaw in a vanilla and fig bun (very radical for me, I know!) and some fries and it was delicious! Apart from slightly setting my mouth of fire (I really should of got a drink), it was most delightful and I would definitely have it again.

After that, I knew I needed something sweet and so grabbed a salted caramel brownie from the Bad Brownie Company, which claimed to be the best in London! I don’t quite know about that but the fact that it was actually two brownies sandwiched together with salted caramel, made it pretty beaut!

After all of that eating (I had to take the brownie home for later, I was so stuffed!), I made my way back to the grass and listened to a bit of the Hackney Colliery Band, who were doing some amazing pop song covers before finally heading off to a bit of shopping for the rest of the afternoon.

All in all, it was a fab way to while away some time in the sun and I was pretty proud that I braved it on my own. The dials are always hosting events and after the success of my visit to Spotlight, I know it won’t be long before I’m back.



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