This point in the year is often one of reflection, however I often struggle to remember exactly what I’ve done, achieved or enjoyed.  So this year I thought I’d try and document it, not so much with words but with pictures. So here it is, my 2016. Continue reading “A LOOKBACK AT MY 2016”



So this has been a LONG time coming but The List is finally complete! It’s taken a lot longer than expected to pull together (unfortunately life got in the way!) and so I’ve set myself a challenge of completed this in just over 28 weeks, easy right?….. Well who knows but I’m going to certainly give it a damn good try!

Continue reading “THE LIST”


DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post at the beginning of November and have only just got round to posting it now, sorry!

So today started my second weekend on the trot, that I was actually in London for, for quite some time and so obviously I couldn’t leave it totally plans free! I had received an email from BAFTA a couple of weeks ago (that makes it sound like they emailed my personally, it was a generic newsletter that I’m signed up to) about their ‘Life in Pictures’ photography exhibition and so I’d booked myself a cheeky ticket to check it out. Continue reading “BAFTA 2015 – A YEAR IN PICTURES”


(Apologies in advance, this is a bit of a long one, so grab a brew and enjoy!)

This year my birthday celebrations sort of started on the Wednesday before my birthday, when I was presented with a lovely bag of goodies and some cake, from my new work pals, as well as being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ too in the middle of our very large, open plan office, embarrassed much! With some many people working there, it feels like it’s someone birthday every other day, so it was quite strange that they were now singing for me! Continue reading “WARBFEST 2015”